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this page has not been updated for ages, and many of chris' cds and lps now come with digital download cards; see chris' merchandise page for details.

here is some older information:

chris's solo record CANARIS is available as a digital MP3 download by THRILL JOCKEY.

for other digital downloads, the itunes store sells these releases:

chris brokaw: INCREDIBLE LOVE
chris brokaw: RED CITIES
chris brokaw: "I WAS BORN, BUT..."
chris brokaw and viva las vegas

chris' myspace site has a number of mp3s of individual songs for sale.

also: "my confidante," a live performance from a session chris did in nov 2002 for music choice, an online radio network based in london (


chris performing 'face of evil' in london, march 2010.

video of track 1, 'god's forgotten rooster' from 2009 album "VDSQ SOLO ACOUSTIC VOLUME THREE".

chris and geoff farina, performing 'make me a pallet on your floor', at tanned tin festival, spain, nov 2009.

chris performing 'recidivist' in paris, nov 2009.

chris performing 'We'll See You All at Oki Dogs' at issue project room, brooklyn, sept 29 2009. song is from solo acoustic album VDSQ.

chris and evan dando in berlin, feb 2009, performing 'Ba-Di-Da,' 'Rancho Santa Fe', and 'My Idea'.

chris and the thurston moore band at sxsw march 15 2008 (

chris performing and chatting in trailer to “I Want to Make it Sound Like a Whole Band” – april 2007 (youtube).

the NBC show “Friday Night Lights” featured chris' version of "i remember" from his solo record "incredible love” at the end of the jan 31 2007 show. watch it here by clicking on “part six,” and, after another ad, sliding the time bar to where there is about 3 minutes left (

4-minute live video of chris and the steve wynn band accompanying crime writer george pelecanos at an august 8, 2006 reading. the event took place at the magnetic field cocktail lounge in Brooklyn (youtube).

6-minute video of the chris chatting in german (ha) and the chris brokaw rock band – jeff goddard (ex-karate) on bass and kevin coultas (ex-rodan) on drums – playing “my idea” and special surprises in karlsruhe, germany in april 2006 (youtube).

trailer for the "ROAD", which debuted at the los angeles film festival in june 2005 and features a soundtrack by chris. in june 2006 chris won the award for best original film score (called the Certificate for Outstanding Achievement) at the brooklyn intl film festival. the "ROAD" web site has details about the film's cast and crew.

chris interviewed and performing in early 2006; includes concert footage (and the song "i remember" at 5:15) (produced by will benham; youtube).

chris interviewed and performing solo live in 2003 (16 minutes;

chris performing "calimoxcho" live at Drinks On 6th, austin, tx, march 13 2002 (

new year video – "disease".

come video – "cimarron" from "ain't nuthin but a she thing" – 1995 (youtube).



chris at myspace has music ("move," "blues for the moon," and "cranberries") and more (

8-minute radio interview/profile on the public radio program "here and now," broadcast nationally november 22, 2005 (

'my idea,' 'whose blood,' and 'xs for eyes' from "incredible love" (

chris' 'i was born, but. . .' -- 30 second samples of all songs on the cd (and available for sale;

chris's 'red cities' -- 30 second samples of all songs on the cd (and available for sale;

pullman's 'viewfinder' -- 30 second samples of all songs on the cd (and available for sale;

pullman's 'turnstyles and junkpiles" -- 30 second samples of all songs on the cd (and available for sale;

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